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May 17

Q-FAB delivers a fleet of Kobelco excavators to BOOM Constructions:

BOOM and QFAB’s relationship further strengthened today with deliveries of a fleet of 36 Ton KOBELCO excavators. Boom Constructions are a pioneer in asphalt works in Qatar and they are one of the top road contractors. Boom are one of the top buyers from QFAB due to their relationship that is more than a decade old, that relationship resulted in them buying over 100 units of paving equipment from QFAB.


The Kobelco excavators are relatively new in the Qatari market although they are recognized as the champions in excavator technology, Kobelco is a part of Kobe Steel from Japan, the global pioneers in making advanced cranes and excavators. The Kobelco technology is advanced as it delivers a higher productivity while saving at least one or two liters of fuel per hour while used under demanding conditions as compared to other machines available. Boom construction first took one unit of Kobelco excavator a year ago, and the machine was checked and used in most demanding conditions, Boom was very satisfied to notice high productivity achieved against very low fuel consumption.


In the words of Mr. Naddaf the managing partner of Boom Construction: “in today’s competitive market, efficiency is the key for every contractor to perform. Efficiency in the end comes from the men and machines working at the site. Kobelco excavators perform well and are most economical to run, thus enhances efficiency at site.”

QFAB has remained close to their clients and have always believed that after sales support should remain their unique selling point. In the photo you see Mr.Toufic of Qfab, Mr. Abdul Nasser of Boom, Mr. Samar the General Manager of  Qfab, Mr. Naddaf  the managing partner of Boom, Mr. Murat of Kobelco, Mr. Fouad of Boom, Mr. Amer of Boom, Mr. Hussein of Qfab.