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December 01

Petrotec partners with Norwegian technology and service company Scanwell

Petrotec had recently signed a partnership agreement with Norwegian technology and service company ScanWell.  Scanwell offers unique solutions within Well Integrity monitoring, reservoir monitoring and production/process monitoring. ScanWell’s track record counts over 10,000 surveys for major oil and gas companies worldwide. ScanWell, in collaboration with Petrotec’s drilling department offer a wide range of well integrity services such as:


• Well barrier surveillance

• Leak metering wellbore components

• Identification of wellbore anomalies

• Liquid level movements in tubing and annuli

• Annuli hydrocarbon storage volumes 

• Leak depth investigations

• Determination of leak source and leak path in the wellbore

• Monitor shut-in and flowing in reservoir pressures

• Production monitoring using real-time tracer technology

• Wireless monitoring of pressure, temperature, flow rate and fluid properties

• Troubleshooting and optimising gas-lifted wells

• Realtime process monitoring (H2S, CO2, pH, scale, wax etc.)