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Steam /Air Blowing

A process for the removal of oxide scales and construction debris by mechanical drag forces. SOLARCA employs the following methods:

  • Conventional steam blowing
  • Silent steam blowing
  • Air Blowing

Silent Steam Blowing

  • Continuous
  • Low noise level < 80 db
  • Reduced blowing time
  • Achieved at low pressure
  • Steam flow requirement approx. 30% of maximum capacity
  • Has technical advantages and economic benefits

Conventional Steam Blowing

  • Discontinuous
  • High noise level > 120 db
  • High number of blowing cycles
  • Longer Blowing time: 2-4 weeks per system cleaned
  • Steam lines subjected to high mechanical forces and thermal stress
  • Special supports in the provisional blowing lines to avoid reaction force problems

Air Blowing

  • Discontinuous
  • Air blowing cycles at high pressure
  • Instantaneously creates high flow rates using a quick opening valve
  • High drag forces giving very effective fluidisation of debris
  • Considerable reduction of cleaning programme time and subsequent commissioning