Petrotec Qatar



Petrotec is the local service partner for Henkel & Chesterton coating solutions, protecting a substrate from a variety of environmental problems such as corrosion of solder joints, moisture and mildew, fuels and process solvents, service temperatures and dust, dirt and physical damage from handling.


Henkel are a leading solution provider for functional coatings. Our polymer composite solutions can repair and protect against corrosion, abrasion and erosion of concrete or metal surfaces.

Typical Applications:


Industrial equipment and plant assets are often subjected to extreme forces such as abrasion, erosion, impact and chemical attack that can drastically impact reliability and overall plant profitability. From storage tanks and pumps, to containment facilities and fans, our partner Chesterton’s products help protect valuable assets and maintain plant uptime with innovative industrial coating solutions for metal surfaces.

Typical Applications:
Extreme Condition Coatings:

ARC industrial coatings are engineered to provide the maximum protection to extend the life and improve performance of vital plant assets:

Shabeer Khan Senior Sales Manager – STC