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Leak Sealing & Spark Erosion

Leak Sealing & Spark Erosion

Leak Sealing

Due to a wide range of sealing components and safety procedures, our technology will stop various types of ‘fluid leaks’ such as:

This temporary repair is considered the fastest and most efficient solution whilst allowing the client to keep systems on-line and in production until the next shutdown.

With temperatures varying from -180°C to +700°C and pressures reaching 240Bar, our process is to install a metallic enclosure around the leak and then inject a sealing compound through it.

Spark Erosion

The fastest and safest way to remove broken bolts, nuts, keyways etc without damaging the thread. Any size, material or angle can be removed with spark erosion. From 5” bolts to M12. Taps and drills can be removed using molybdenum electrodes down to a size of M6 (or 3mm for drills).

Abdelhak Merah Sr. Sales Engineer

Shabeer Khan Head Of Operations – Static / Mechanical