Petrotec Qatar


Solarca Qatar

Solarca Qatar was formed in the year 2009 by a joint venture comprising Petrotec and Grupo Solarca. Solarca has its roots deeply embedded in the field of chemical cleaning and Air & Steam Blowing, offering its expertise to various clients around the world such as Conoco Philips, Exxon, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Repsol, etc.

Solarca Qatar possess the expertise of the parent company in terms of chemical cleaning and Air and Steam Blowing and has managed to establish itself in Qatar as one of the leading companies that offer an in-depth and thorough solution to any chemical cleaning or Decontamination requirement. Solarca Qatar offers a complete turnkey based package to various clients, in various scenarios be it chemical cleaning, Decontamination, or fin fan cleaning, as well as Air and Steam blowing.

Pedro Carmo Operations Manager

Chemical Cleaning
Steam/Air Blowing