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Gulf Turbo Services


With the increasing demand in production and operational efficiencies of the oil and gas industries in the Gulf region, the demand for technical service support on rotating equipment is extremely high. Under a joint venture between Petrotec and MAN PrimeServ, GULF TURBO SERVICES was established in July 2006 in order to serve the customers in the Gulf region. The established facility in Qatar represents MAN PrimeServ’s local capabilities such as repair, fabrication, field service, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, warranty management and other related services for rotating equipment. Specialists recruited from MAN PrimeServ augment a locally available highly trained workforce.

Sven Heinichen General Manager - GTS

Workshop Capabilities

Workshop facilities equippped with state of the art machinery and tool machines, including but not limited to the following:
These facilities are backed by highly qualified manpower organized to provide full restoration of diverse brands (MAN and other OEM products) of rotating equipment and diesel engines such as:
Rotating Equipment:
Diesel Engines:

Field Service Capabilities

GTS has a well-equipped technical field service team composed of skilled mechanical foremen, technicians and fitters who can work under the supervision of OEM Supervisors. GTS has successfully executed shutdown and refurbishment work in cooperation with many OEMs during our 10 year existence in Qatar. GTS has received recommendations from customers on successful completion of such jobs
We have the expertise to execute the following field activities: