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Petrotec’s Drilling department caters to the needs of Oil and Gas Operators in Qatar by providing specialised technology, tools and services to help operators to drill and complete their wells in the most cost effective and efficient manner. With a team of highly qualified and experienced hands in the industry and a fully-fledged service workshop in Doha, Petrotec’s Drilling Department is in constant touch with operators on a day to day basis to help them meet their ever growing demands and operational challenges.

Petrotec’s Drilling Department was awarded a contract for external coating of casing and tubing pipes by Qatar Petroleum.As part of this project, Petrotec is planning to set up a JV facility with BOND-COAT in Dukhan for which a 10,000 square meter land has already been allocated. Work is in progress and the facility should be up and running in 2019.

Mohammed Shameem Head of Sales

Below is the list of our esteemed principals whom we exclusively represent in Qatar

Choke Valves and Choke Control System
Master Flo Valve Inc. provides surface and subsea flow management solutions for the global oil and gas industry.
VAREL Energy Solutions Logo
Drill Bits and Primary Cementing Equipment

Varel Energy Solutions is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of
 comprehensive suite of roller cone and fixed cutter drill bits, as well as a complete portfolio of
primary cementing equipment.

Inflatable Packers, Swellable Packers and Bridge Plugs
Inflatable and swellable packers offer highly flexible tool systems that are effective in a broad range …
HPHT/HEX ME Mechanical Bridge Plug and Gauge Hangers
Interwell’s technology is designed for reservoir and flow assurance applications …
OFI India Logo
Mud Logging Services

OFI-was founded in 1992 as an OEM for Mud Logging units / Mud logging services provider. OFI has
developed several high end software and instrumentation solutions for both the upstream and
downstream sectors.

High Definitions Wellbore Video Services
EV help well operators identify, understand, and resolve the most complex of wellbore issues
ScanWell Logo
Integrated solutions provider of well integrity & production optimization

ScanWell provides services to monitor, evaluate and optimize well integrity, well barriers, gas lift and production performance of oil and gas producing wells, without loss of production and intervention into.

Churchill DAV MX CircSub (Dart activated, multi-cycle, high performance drilling valve). HyPR sub and Drift Catcher
Churchill Drilling Tools is a specialist oilfield …
Unique Stimulation Technology
Fishbones Stimulation Technologies are field proven in sandstone, carbonate and coal bed methane formations.
Heavy-Duty External Coating for Casings
Bond Coat has been serving the oil industry for over 45 years. Over that time we have been a leading provider of oilfield services…
Wellbore Clean-out tools, Casing & Tubular Running Services, Drill Pipe rental, Drilling Tool Rental, Fishing Tools Rental
Today, Odfjell Well Services is a significant player in tubular running, rental…