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Offshore Chemical Cleaning

Offshore Chemical Cleaning

The oil and gas offshore facilities transport enormous volumes of materials through pipe systems. It can be quite a challenge to keep the pipes free from unwanted, damaging substances such as rust, calcium scale, hydrocarbons and other organic/inorganic materials. Deposits of such fouling substances negatively affect the performance of the process systems by reducing flow, increasing pressure drop, impairing heat transfer or, in the worst case, causing blockages, corrosion or leaks. Although equipment can be designed to minimize fouling, it can never be entirely eliminated and chemical cleaning is thus necessary.

Chemical Cleaning / Descaling

Ocean Team has developed equipment, methods and technologies that efficiently clean a wide variety of systems, including produced water, closed cooling water, seawater cooling, black water (vacuum toilets), grey water, flow lines, drains, pipes, vessels, coolers, heat exchangers, and other components. Many of our technologies can be used for “live-systems” without having to stop production. We clean the systems chemically using a controlled process based on meticulous measurement of the contamination type. Ocean Team’s chemical cleaning systems preserves the pipes and prevents new deposits from forming and the onset of corrosion.


Online Acid Injection

Lime scale is a major problem in many technical systems, e.g. oil winning processes on production platforms. Scale often builds up in SSSVs in wells and master, wing- and choke-valves on Xmas trees. It also commonly occurs in flow lines, produced water systems, separators, flair drums, hydrocyclones, coolers, heat exchangers, cooling water systems, etc. Scale negatively affects process performance by reducing flow, increasing pressure drop, impairing heat transfer or, in the worst case, causing blockages, corrosion or leaks. Oil production is thus considerably reduced and eventually shutdown becomes unavoidable.

De-scaling can be performed in many ways. One method is to remove scale using conventional chemical or mechanical cleaning, e.g. hydrojetting. However, the fluid in the part of the system being cleaned cannot be used for technical processes other than cleaning. This is a distinct disadvantage as it will often be necessary to shut down the process for cleaning purposes etc. in order to remove corrosion. Such interruption can be very expensive because production is lost while cleaning is performed. Ocean Team has vast knowledge and experience of de-scaling “live” processes and cooling systems. which leads to no production losses.