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Quality, Health, Safety And Environment

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are core values for Petrotec. Our objective is to meet or exceed the expectations of regulators, customers and our own internal standards. Beyond compliance, we are committed to continuous improvement to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction, maintain a healthy and safe environment, prevent sources of pollution, conserve natural resources and maintain ethical standards in all aspect of our business. To achieve the company’s set objectives. Petrotec shall perform the following initiatives:

Implementing our QHSE Policy is a line responsibility of personnel from senior management to all employees of Petrotec Group, its subsidiaries and Joint Ventures, to commit themselves fully to the goals and objectives by following integrated management system (QMS, OHSMS. EMS) at all times and to take the necessary precautions to achieve customer satisfaction, provide appropriate levels of safety to protect all employees, their colleagues, visitors, company assets and the environment. QHSE professionals will act as a catalyst to ensure that all personnel fulfil their responsibilities voluntarily. Employees have the right to stop the work if they feel the working environment is unsafe.


TRACE Certification:

Please visit TRACE site in order to search for business partners that have completed TRACE certified due diligence and to request a copy of our due diligence report.

Please click on “View Intermediary Directory”
Enter Company Name as Petroleum Technology Co and TRACE certification ID as TC4093-2241 .
For Q-FAB subsidiary: Company Name as Qatar Welding and Fabrication Supplies (Q-FAB) and TRACE certification ID as TC4092-2330 .

Petrotec ISO Certificate UKAS - May 2025 Preview
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QFab ISO Certificate UKAS - May 2025 Preview
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