Petrotec Qatar

Qatar Energy Leaders Unite at Petrotec & Koch Glitsch Tech Forum

Petrotec Koch Glitsch Tech Forum

Petrotec, a leading provider of engineered products and services to the energy industry, proudly celebrates the roaring success of its recent Mass Transfer & Separation Technology Forum, held in collaboration with industry stalwarts Koch Glitsch. The event, buzzing with active participation from Qatar’s top energy companies, witnessed a vibrant exchange of knowledge and innovation.

Presenters from Koch Glitsch, seasoned experts in their field, captivated the audience with insights on:

  • Deploying cutting-edge technologies in real-world plant environments
  • Unveiling groundbreaking Internals fitting technologies
  • Exploring exciting new applications in Mass Transfer & Separation

The interactive sessions sparked engaging discussions, fostering a dynamic platform for collaborative learning and shared expertise. This collaborative spirit is the fuel that powers Petrotec’s mission to empower Qatar’s energy sector with the latest advancements.

Petrotec Koch Glitsch Tech Forum

We are deeply grateful to the distinguished presenters from Koch Glitsch and every participant who contributed to the forum’s resounding success. Your enthusiasm and active engagement have fueled invaluable knowledge exchange and set the stage for future collaborations that will propel Qatar’s energy landscape to even greater heights.

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