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Petrotec Partners with Well-SENSE to Deliver Advanced Downhole Data Acquisition in Qatar

Well Monitoring in Qatar with FLI Technology

Petroleum Technology Company W.L.L. (Petrotec), a subsidiary of Al Mahhar Holding Q.P.S.C., is proud to announce a new exclusive cooperation agreement with Well-SENSE, a UK-based company specializing in FiberLine Intervention (FLI) technology. This partnership brings a revolutionary approach to downhole data acquisition for oil and gas operators in Qatar.

Introducing Well-SENSE FLI Technology

Well-SENSE FLI technology offers a significant leap forward in well monitoring by providing high-quality, real-time temperature, acoustic, and pressure data. Unlike traditional methods that rely on wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing, FLI utilizes bare fiber optic lines deployed directly into oil and gas wells.

Benefits of FLI Technology for Qatar’s Oil and Gas Industry

  • Cost-Effective: FLI eliminates the need for specialized deployment equipment, reducing operational costs.
  • Risk Reduction: Fiber optic lines minimize well intervention risks compared to traditional methods.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Real-time data acquisition allows for faster well analysis and decision-making.
  • Detailed Well Profiles: The entire length of the fiber acts as a sensor, providing a comprehensive well profile from top to bottom.
  • Improved Monitoring: FLI technology enables continuous monitoring of well conditions, allowing for early detection of irregularities and anomalies.

Unlocking Valuable Insights with FLI Data

The real-time data obtained through FLI technology offers a wealth of valuable insights for oil and gas operators in Qatar.These insights can be used for:

  • Optimizing production strategies
  • Improving reservoir management
  • Enhancing well integrity
  • Ensuring well safety

Partnering for Success: Petrotec and Well-SENSE

Petrotec, a leading provider of oil and gas technology solutions in Qatar, is excited to partner with Well-SENSE to introduce this innovative FLI technology to the market. This collaboration combines Petrotec’s expertise and experience with Well-SENSE’s cutting-edge technology, offering a comprehensive solution for advanced downhole data acquisition in Qatar.

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