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Tracerco TM Mud Monitors for monitoring the mud during the drilling process

Tracerco Mud Monitor Cover

Radiation Safety during LWD operations.

Tracerco TM mud monitor Mud Monitors are specifically designed to monitor the mud during the drilling process. Mud monitor is used to confirm radioactive source integrity during logging whilst drilling (LWD) operations and to protect personnel from any unnecessary radiation exposure. 

The Tracerco Mud Monitor can be seamlessly installed and integrated into a DCS or SCADA system to immediately detect any contaminated drilling mud. This allows operators to quickly stop or shut down processes if contaminated mud is identified – limiting the spread to surrounding wells and other process equipment such as the mud tank.

  • Intrinsically safe – no need for a hot work permit
  • Provides an analogue output proportional to radiation intensity
  • Continuously monitors detector condition and provides an alarm in the event of failure
  • Unaffected by hostile processes
  • Easy to install
  • Highly reliable with a fast response
  • Radiation monitoring via a standalone alarm unit, or integrated into a DCS or SCADA system

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