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Petrotec at Web Summit Qatar 2024: Empowering Women, Decarbonizing Energy, and Embracing AI

Petrotec at Web Summit Qatar: Tech & Sustainability

Thriving at Web Summit Qatar 2024

Petrotec was proud to be a part of Web Summit Qatar 2024, the largest gathering of international startups in the Middle East! Vanda Franco and Rychiell Lorezca represented Petrotec, participating in critical discussions like “Empowering Tomorrow: Women Shaping the Future of Technology” by QNB and “Technologies to Decarbonise the Energy System” by Shell.

Day 1: Women in Tech and the Tech Frontier

From empowering future female leaders to exploring the cutting-edge of space technology, Day 1 at Web Summit Qatar offered a glimpse into the exciting future ahead.

Day 2: Fostering Qatari Tech and the Data Revolution

Day 2 kicked off with Petrotec’s Vanda Franco and Rychiell Lorezca diving into the “Secrets of the Qatari Tech Ecosystem,” focusing on building a stable foundation for startups. The day progressed with a focus on the “Data Revolution,” highlighting the digital transformation across industries.

Shell Paves the Way for Net-Zero Emissions

Shell’s groundbreaking presentation explored “Technologies for Net-Zero Emissions,” with a particular emphasis on sustainable aviation fuel. This focus on clean energy solutions aligns perfectly with Petrotec’s commitment to a sustainable future.

AI: Collaboration, not Competition

Artificial intelligence (AI) emerged as a central theme, with discussions emphasizing how AI will empower humans, not replace them. AI frees up time for crucial tasks like customer service, innovation, and lean process development. Adaptation and growth alongside AI are key to success in the future.

Petrotec at the Forefront of Innovation

Web Summit Qatar 2024 showcased the power of collaboration and innovation within the tech industry. Petrotec remains committed to fostering a thriving tech ecosystem in Qatar, while embracing new technologies like AI and prioritizing a sustainable future.