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Petrotec Delivers Enhanced Valve Control and System Availability with Rotork Master Stations

Petrotec Rotork Master Stations Valve Control

Petrotec, a leading Qatari provider of advanced oil and gas equipment and services, recently partnered with a major operator to implement a high-availability valve control solution utilising Rotork Master Stations (RMS). This deployment signifies Petrotec’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies that optimise operational efficiency and reliability within the oil and gas sector.

Uncompromising System Uptime with Hot Standby Redundancy

The cornerstone of this solution lies in the inclusion of a hot standby Rotork Master Station. This configuration guarantees uninterrupted operation even during unforeseen component failures within the primary unit. By offering complete redundancy across critical elements like CPU, power supplies, displays, and network interfaces, the system seamlessly switches to the standby unit, preserving both data and control integrity.

Elevating User Experience and Operational Flexibility

Rotork Master Stations are equipped with a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance user experience and operational flexibility:

  • Multi-Host Connectivity: Connect to multiple host systems concurrently, enabling redundant communication pathways for heightened security.
  • Streamlined Configuration: Leverage the intuitive touchscreen interface or web interface for comprehensive system configuration, eliminating the need for specialised software.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Gain valuable insights into equipment health through industry-standard NAMUR NE107 diagnostics.
  • Modular Design: Operate an array of field networks from a single Rotork Master Station, fostering simplified system management.
  • Detailed Logging: Access comprehensive logs encompassing host messages, field unit commands, and status changes for in-depth process analysis.
  • Global Accessibility: Benefit from multi-language support and a standardised Modbus® host database, ensuring seamless integration across international projects.
  • Backward Compatibility: Integrate seamlessly with existing Pakscan™ IIE and P3 Master Station systems.

Petrotec’s implementation of Rotork Master Stations empowers oil and gas operators to achieve exceptional system uptime, refined control over valve operations, and simplified system management. These advancements translate to increased operational efficiency, minimised downtime, and enhanced overall plant reliability.

Partner with Petrotec for Optimised Valve Control Solutions

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