Petrotec Qatar

Enhance Turbomachinery Performance in Qatar with Air Filtration

Qatar Turbomachinery Air Intake Filtration

Petrotec, alongside Camfil Power Systems, successfully hosted a technical conference in Qatar, bringing together over 50 attendees to explore the advantages of turbomachinery air intake filtration systems.

Leveraging their combined expertise – over 60 years for Camfil Power Systems in air filtration solutions and over 30 years for Petrotec in specialized engineering services – the conference offered valuable insights on how air filtration can significantly improve turbomachinery’s availability, reliability, and profitability.

Participants actively engaged in discussions covering various modules, including:

  • The fundamentals of filtration
  • Filter testing and relevant standards
  • Strategies for selecting the most suitable systems

These modules provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and best practices in air intake filtration for turbomachinery.

The conference also featured a presentation on Life Cycle Cost Analysis, site analysis, and filter testing by Sunil Sunny, adding significant value to the discussions.

Gratitude is extended to Alex Wells for his insightful presentations, and to Nodirjon Rasulov, Samieh Khashnan, Vineeth Venugopal, Riri Wulandari, and Noel Menezes for their instrumental support in making this event a success.