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Cleaning of heat exchangers and fin fan coolers

Cleaning of heat exchangers and fin fan coolers Cover

Cooling issues faced by the oil and gas industry during the summer months increase ten folds. In order to accommodate for these various solutions that involve cleaning of heat exchangers, fin fan coolers are employed by the end users. Recently one such incident had arisen, where in Solarca Qatar were contacted to solve an issue of deposits on the externals of a customer’s fin fans.

The traditional method employed would be to use, hydro jetting/foam cleaning, which would involve huge amounts of water, in addition to the cost of disposal of the chemicals used to clean the fin fans.

Solarca Qatar was able to eliminate all these factors and come up with a new system of cleaning which involves using Sodium Bicarbonate. This type of cleaning had proved far more effective than previously employed.

The ease of operation, rig up times, and simplicity in the process, amounted to significant cost reduction in terms of downtime of the equipment. This system of cleaning can even be performed online for induced draft fin fan types, and hence no isolation would be required at any stage. Some of the pictures of the cleaning performed are detailed below.

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