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Petrotec Employees Actively Engage in Qatar Sustainability Week

Petrotec Employees in Qatar Sustainability Week 2023

Petrotec, a leading provider of oilfield services and technology, demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by actively participating in Qatar Sustainability Week (QSW) 2023. This year’s QSW, held from November 4 to 11, focused on promoting sustainable practices and showcasing innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.

Our employees from across the company’s Qatar offices volunteered their time and expertise to support a range of QSW initiatives. These included:

  • Tree planting: Petrotec employees planted trees in various locations across Qatar, contributing to the country’s efforts to increase green cover and improve air quality.
  • Waste reduction: Petrotec employees participated in waste reduction workshops, learning how to minimize waste generation and recycle effectively.
  • Energy conservation: Petrotec employees promoted energy conservation measures in their homes and workplaces, helping to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Community engagement: Petrotec employees volunteered at community events, raising awareness about sustainability issues and encouraging others to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Petrotec is proud to be a leader in sustainability in the oilfield services industry. The company is committed to operating in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner, and to contributing to a more sustainable future for Qatar.

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