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Woodward 505DR®️ Dual-redundant Steam Turbine Control

Woodward 505DR dual-redundant steam turbine control Cover

Customer Focus:

One of the biggest refineries in Middle East has selected Woodward 505 DR to adhere to EU redundancy compliance for the plants critical steam turbine application. The previous Simplex control was becoming outdated and newer redundant technology would provide additional operational advantages. Downtime is always a critical concern, so a new redundant system would provide window of online replacement and troubleshooting to limit maintenance and shutdown window. Also, the plant was looking for a partner willing to provide a long-term product & service support plan to ensure the new system remains online and functioning. 


The Woodward solution was to replace the previous controls with the newest 505DR which provides the latest in steam turbine control technologies. The 505DR®️ dual-redundant steam turbine control is a state-of-the-art digital control platform designed to reliably control and protect single valve and single-extraction steam turbines with the advantage of dual redundancy for maximum turbine reliability and availability. In addition to the platform upgrade, Woodward provided a 20-year service support plan for the installed system. 


The result of the new system was leap forward in control technology. The 505DR provided a robust and fully reliable and redundant platform with a dual operator interface. The new HMI interface of the digital control provides operators with much needed visibility and control over the turbine system. The new 505DR also reduces downtime by allowing the customer to replace a defective unit online without affecting the availably of the units. The new package seamlessly interfaced to all major DCS systems using all the field cabling from the previous control system. The entire project was turned over quickly to minimize scheduled maintenance downtime.

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