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MIR Valve RSBV: The New Rising Stem Ball Valve for Qatar

MIR Valve RSBV: The New Rising Stem Ball Valve for Qatar

Petrotec has just partnered with MIR Valves to bring you the latest innovation in valves for the Qatar market. Introducing the Rising Stem Ball Valve (RSBV), also known as sequencing valves or switching valves, perfect for downstream applications where mechanically-energized metal-to-metal sealing is required.

Here’s what makes the MIR Valve RSBV stand out:

  • It uses a unique improved 2G helix that effectuates the open and closing sequence without rotation of the stem (straight linear movement)
  • This linear movement of the stem makes it an excellent choice for frequent cycling processes
  • Each linear operation, from open to close and vice versa, ensures a friction-free movement between the ball and seat
  • The outside screw & yoke (OS&Y) with stuffing box type gland packing can be easily tightened or repacked without the need of any special tools
  • No grease or sealant required to guarantee a leak-tight stem seal
  • Its top-entry design enables hassle-free in-line / in-service maintenance.

The MIR VALVE MV17 comes with a perfectly sized Actuator tailored to your current process conditions and can be a seamless fit into your existing setup.  

For more information, please contact Petrotec at or +974 4441 9603.

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