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Petrotec Partners with StoneAge for Waterjet Solutions in Qatar & Kuwait

Qatar Kuwait Waterjet Solutions

Petrotec, a leading provider of engineered products and services to the energy sector in Qatar and Kuwait, has announced a strategic partnership with StoneAge Waterblast Tools, a global leader in waterjetting technology. This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in offering unparalleled waterjet solutions to clients across both regions.

The partnership directly addresses the need for localized support within Qatar and Kuwait. By partnering with StoneAge,Petrotec streamlines access to industry-leading waterjetting tools, parts, and services. Additionally, Petrotec will serve as the authorized service center for StoneAge equipment, providing comprehensive maintenance and repairs throughout the region.

Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Localized Support: Clients in Qatar and Kuwait will benefit from easier access to StoneAge’s waterjetting solutions and receive exceptional support from Petrotec’s team.
  • Enhanced Expertise: Petrotec’s industry knowledge combined with StoneAge’s waterjetting technology ensures clients receive the most effective solutions for their specific needs.
  • Streamlined Operations: Faster access to tools, parts, and services minimizes downtime and keeps operations running smoothly.
  • Expert Service and Repair: Petrotec’s authorized service center provides comprehensive maintenance and repairs,ensuring optimal performance of StoneAge equipment.

About StoneAge Waterblast Tools

StoneAge Waterblast Tools is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of waterjetting tools and industrial cleaning equipment. Renowned for their durability, performance, and efficiency, StoneAge’s solutions empower various industries to achieve superior cleaning results.

This strategic partnership between Petrotec and StoneAge Waterblast Tools promises to revolutionize the waterjetting landscape in Qatar and Kuwait. Clients can now leverage StoneAge’s cutting-edge technology with the added benefit of localized support and expertise from Petrotec. With this collaboration, both companies are committed to providing unparalleled waterjetting solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity across various industries.